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About ME

Personal SUMMARY 

Greetings! I am Dr. Andrea Lovett Dozier, the author, and creator of the Strength For Your Mountain Diaries. I am a full-time associate nursing professor at a university in Southwest Georgia and a part-time cycling instructor at the local YMCA. I am a divorced mom of three boys; William, Christian, and Isaiah. I co-teach Single Moms Sunday School and Single and Parenting classes at my church. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, reading, and bicycling.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, I developed a strong desire to do something to offer a bit of help and advice for hurting and despondent individuals. With much prayer and deliberation, I joined a women’s writing group and began blogging. It is my sincerest desire that all who read my writings experience an increased sense of confidence, encouragement, hope, and strength for every mountain they encounter.


Behind the NAME

One day I found myself overwhelmed with Life and the demands I was facing. There were far too many things I needed to accomplish but I was unable to even fathom where to begin. It was 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon and I was ready to go to bed for the remainder of the day! Holding back tears I caught myself murmuring these words,” I do not have enough strength for these mountains!” At that moment, I knew I had to begin chronicling my mountains and activities of daily living and how I planned to overcome them.

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