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Deciphering The Sandwich Meat People

Have you ever noticed the different types of sandwich meat available at the grocery store? People can be just like sandwich meat! I know this premise may sound strange but there are plenty of similarities. If you don't believe me, take a moment to read my Deciphering The Sandwich Meat People blog post and discover what I am saying.

Sometimes, sandwich meat is sliced too thin. I have seen sandwich meat so thin until it has holes right through it, flabby and feeble. Thinly sliced sandwich meat sometimes does not even hold together long enough to make a sandwich. Thinly sliced sandwich meat is just like some people, meandering around without any aspirations. At the first sign of any tension, they simply cannot hold it together and fall to pieces. Don’t be like thinly sliced sandwich meat people!

Sometimes, sandwich meat is too thick! The slices are just far too thick and chunky to enjoy eating. Now that I think about it, I know some people who always make everything bigger than it needs to be! These are the ones that blow everything out of proportion, exaggerate everything, and are hard to enjoy, just like thick sandwich meat slices. People like this are very hard to digest and their personality just doesn’t sit well with others. Don’t be like thick sandwich meat sliced people!

Sometimes, sandwich meat is too salty. No matter how hard you try, the salt in the meat just overtakes the flavor. I have met people like this. I am sure you have as well. They are the salty folks. No matter how much you try to help them or how hard you try to encourage them, their saltiness leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Their salty attitudes ruin any hopes of positivity. Too much salt (whether in meat or people) is not good for your health! Don’t be like too salty sandwich meat people!

Sometimes, sandwich meat is imitation meat. Fake people are like imitation sandwich meat. You never know for sure what the makeup is of imitation sandwich meat. Some folks struggle with just being genuine. They pretend to be like someone or something they know they are not. I don’t like imitation sandwich meat because I never can tell what I am getting. Don’t be like imitation sandwich meat people!

Sometimes, sandwich meat is very bland. There are some types of sandwich meat that are intolerable without condiments! I have met a few individuals like this. Uninspired, dry personality type people are like bland sandwich meat. They are no fun to be around and they often drain your energy and they always want you to help them. They are just like bland sandwich meat desperately needing ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard! Don't be like bland sandwich meat people!

Every so often, sandwich meat is of premium quality. Sandwich meat of premium quality has a blue-ribbon taste. Oftentimes, you don’t even feel guilty eating premium quality sandwich meat because you know that it is superior. It has fewer artificial ingredients, is seasoned perfectly, and needs nothing added to make it taste better. I know premium quality people. They operate from an unparalleled standpoint of view and are all-around good-caliber folks. These types of people are a sheer joy to be around because they are contributors, encouragers. As my grandpa used to say, "There are two types of folks in the world: There are people, then there are good people!"

Premium quality (good) people are much like premium quality sandwich meat. You quickly notice the distinction. They don't leave a bad taste in your mouth either! They are exceptional individuals! I wish more people were like premium quality sandwich meat!

TAKEAWAY: I know I have been talking about sandwich meat in a somewhat comical manner but seriously, I have a few questions for your consideration:

  • Are you a person of substance?

  • Do you operate more with sincerity or hypocrisy?

  • Is your attitude salty?

  • Do you contribute more or take more?

  • Do you enjoy people? Do you think people enjoy being around you?

  • Are people better off when you leave them or would they say you left a bad taste in their mouth?

The reality is that each one of us has an area(s) needing improvement. If you are able to read this blog, you are capable of self-improvement. In Psalms 139:23-24 we note the following prayer:

God, examine me and know my mind. Test me and know all my worries.

Make sure that I am not going the wrong way.

Lead me on the path that has always been right. Ps.139:23-24 (ERV)

Our Heavenly Father is available and ready to help guide each of us on the path to becoming better people. He is the ultimate change maker! Take time today and ask Him for direction.


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