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Rejection doesn’t discriminate. No matter how hard we try, someone, somewhere, at some point in our lives will reject us. The emotional effects of rejection are quite devastating and can have long-term consequences if not dealt with properly. How do you handle rejection? Read my latest blog “3 Timely Tips for Dealing With Rejection" to discover practical actions when you are rejected.

Action #1- When you experience rejection, think about what you know to be true

Do not believe everything the rejecter has said

When you experience rejection, it does not mean that something is wrong with you. There are some people that will push you away because they are afraid to deal with their own internal issues. Some will reject you because they are angry and mean. Nonetheless, remind yourself of who you are. What are some of your good qualities? Everybody has some. What is your uniqueness? Think about it. Write these down and keep them close by on index cards for quick reference.

You cannot unhear or unexperience rejection,

but you can choose your thoughts and think about good things.


Action #2- When you experience rejection, encourage yourself

Do not become discouraged

Find the closest mirror. Look at yourself and speak positivity back to the reflection. Be bold and deliberate in your words. Repeat them all throughout the day. Practice this daily. You may even wish to record yourself affirming yourself. Yes, know that may sound strange, but sometimes hearing something over and over makes a big difference.

Just like you heard and felt the rejection, hear and feel your own positivity.


Action #3- When you experience rejection, stay focused

Do not get distracted

What were you doing before the rejecter dismissed you? To be clear, I am not referring to faith-based rejection because we know that Jesus was rejected by men, so why should we expect any different? Recall one of Jesus’ experiences with rejection in Luke 9:51: “And they did not receive Him…,” then their response in Luke 9:56 was “And they went to another village.” I am so glad the rejection that Jesus experienced did not distract Him from His eternal purpose. Just as He stayed focused, we should strive for the same response to rejection.

Keep living your life. Keep moving forward.



If you are hurt from rejection, it’s because you are human. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that oftentimes present rejection saves us from future devastation and unforeseen pain. Rejection is one of those things we will have to deal with while living here on earth. However, while you will experience rejection at the hands of people, know that you are adopted, accepted, adored, and never rejected by God.

Now hug yourself!

You are Adopted, Accepted, Adored


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