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How To Communicate With Difficult People

Do you have people in your life with whom it is difficult to communicate?

Life in 2021 is already quite stressful for many people. The compounded strain of trying to communicate with difficult people only adds to the lawlessness of the moment. In thinking about everything happening in our society today, and what seems to be a massive problem for many people, I have composed a list of five tidbits to help when communicating with difficult people.

They are as follows:

ze that sometimes, the best thing to say is nothing

You do not have to always say something. You can stand back and be quiet. It is difficult, or virtually impossible for an individual to argue with themselves. When communicating with difficult people, implement as much restraint as possible and remain silent if your talking will fuel the situation.

Prov.18:2 Fools care nothing for thoughtful discourse; all they do is run off at the mouth (The Message).

#2: Learn how to disagree without yelling

If you must respond, do so in a soft tone. In other words, use your "inside" voice. If you are yelling in a disagreement, you have most likely lost control. When communicating with difficult people, if you find yourself starting to raise the tone of your voice, please pause, regroup, and do not speak again until you are able to better control yourself.

Prov. 15:1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger (KJV).

#3: Understand that nobody is right all of the time

Guess what? You could actually be the one wrong! You could be the unpleasant person! Examine yourself. If you are in the wrong, immediately stop quarreling and apologize. Conversely, if the other person is wrong, do not throw it in their face. Allow people the space to be wrong without condemning them to death, harassing, or making them feel bad. When communicating with a difficult person, if you can't rectify or discuss the problem with gentleness and love, then end the discussion, walk away, and pray for them. Remember this, "Just pray and walk away."

Prov. 29: 23 Pride lands you flat on your face; humility prepares you for honors (The Message).

#4: Know that some people are just downright disagreeable

Disagreeable people wake up ready for an argument. They go to bed in a cranky mood. These are the people that find something wrong with everything and everybody. They carry this demeanor throughout the day. It is my opinion that there is something internally wrong with disagreeable people. Disagreeable people are perhaps really just unhappy with themselves. Therefore, do not take the actions or words of unpleasant, disagreeable people personally.

Eph.4:27 … Do not give the devil a chance to hurt you like that (Easy).

#5: If you must speak, choose your words wisely and let them be few.

Don't get caught up in unnecessary, unfruitful banter with unpleasant people. Do not fall prey to the temptation to always have the last word. When communicating with difficult people reserve your comments for when absolutely necessary.

Prov. 17:27 He that spareth his words hath knowledge; And he that is of a cool spirit is a man of understanding (ASV).

TAKEAWAY: A good rule of thumb is to treat every conversation like it is your last conversation. Because one day, you and I both will indeed dialog for the last time. I don't want my last conversation to be one of nastiness, anger, or pride. Since all our days are numbered and we are unsure of our life's end; let us begin to practice speaking with kindness, gentleness, and love today. Start now.


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