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Sideways Beauty

Nothing about this turned out like it was supposed to. All of the plans I made, all the time and resources invested. Although things are unrecognizable, even to me, they are no surprise to God.

Before I took my first breath, He saw beauty in what I would consider to be shambles. I would definitely turn things around to better suit me but then I’d miss the beauty here right where I am. I would call it sideways because my plans got twisted. I would not describe as turned upside down, just turned sideways. You know, altered. Look at the picture on this page. See it? Lovely isn’t it. Nothing really wrong with its beauty, the appearance is just sideways. Kinda like how I perceive my life. There is still beauty in the flower even though it’s sideways.

Now, straighten the picture without rotating your device or page. Were you able to turn the picture without rotating your device?

Seemed like the more I focused on straightening (rotating) my life the more angled it became. It was just sideways and no matter how much I cried, no matter how much I prayed or pleaded with God, I could not turn things my way. Everything was off-kilter, that is according to me. I just could not get the flower (my life) like it was supposed to be.

I missed the whole point of what God was trying to get me to see. Yes, I was frustrated. Yes, I was disappointed. Ashamedly, I was a tad mad. This was not what I planned for my life. It was not supposed to be this way. I gripped so much until it finally dawned on me to just chill. Internally, I told myself to calm down. Even though the flower is sideways, it’s still beautiful. It’s still a flower. It’s still blooming, even while it’s sideways. Just blooming in another direction. It’s such a beautiful flower.

Life does not always turn out the way you plan

There will be setbacks

There will be disappointments

Refuse to complain about things that are sideways

Recognize the beauty in the sideways blooms

*God's love for me is no less in my sideways state and I’m just as beautiful to Him sideways as I would be upright*


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