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The Mountain That Would Not Move

It would not move. I had to climb it. Step by step it had to be done. It would not move. I was praying. I was pleading. I was tarrying. Yet, my mountain would not move. How did this become a mountain anyway? In other words, how did this become a problem? When did it first begin and why is it still here? Have you ever had a mountain that appeared immovable? Resistant to any of your tactics.

Has something ever bothered you to the point of consuming all of your energy? Have you ever felt as though your life would be much easier it was not for this mountain?

What is your mountain? How are you going to deal with it? I thought about going around my mountain. Just avoiding it altogether. Pretending like it did not even exist. How dare you creep into my life and take up residence mountain! What is the purpose of this conglomerate thing! Dear God, will you ever move this? Will you fix my problem? Make it be right. Maybe the mountain is there because I need to climb it. Maybe in attempting to climb it, I'll garner strength for the journey. Maybe during the climb, I'll rely on the Father to keep me from falling.


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